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We Sisteamatic, from design through full-scale production, develop and assemble electrical and electronic components for the OFF-HIGHWAY OEM industry.

Our Vision

Sisteamatic aspires to be a leading innovator in the off-highway Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) electronics industry.

Our Mission

Sisteamatic is dedicated to providing our off-highway OEM clients with top-tier, custom-designed electronic components.

Our Values

A commitment to exceptional product quality, dependable performance, and a continuous drive for technological advancement.

Learn About Sisteamatic

Sisteamatic offers our customers, reliability, flexibility, quality and the highest service standards.

Elec-Sis-Teamatic SL, operating in the marketplace as Sisteamatic, is a distinguished brand under the Guilera group umbrella. The inception of this brand can be traced back to the year 2000, with the brand name being officially transitioned to Sisteamatic in 2013. This strategic rebranding has further solidified its position in the industry.

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Unparalleled Excellence in Industrial develop and assemble electrical and electronic components.


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What we do

Our core business in Sisteamatic is focused on electronics and our main products are electronic devices and components. We are committed to providing high-quality products and services to our customers. Our goal is to be a leader in the electronics industry by delivering innovative and reliable solutions that meet the needs of our customers. 

Electronic Components
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What we do


Sisteamatic products are developed according to our customer needs. These could be based on Guilera Group PN’s that already exist or develop new ones from scratch.

- Relays

- Standard electromechanical relays
- Electronic Solid State relays (SSR)
- Biestable relays

- Electronic solutions

- Signal Flasher Units
- Timers (Wiper washer / general type)
- Control units

- DC/DC Converters

- DC/DC 24v to 12v
- DC/DC 48v to 12v
- Customized applications

- Inverters for BLDC motors

- Multifunction 3 in 1 inverters: Motor control, DC/DC converter and ECU.
- Compact design with range from 36v up to 72v.
- Sinusoidal and/or FOC control with CAN-BUS communication protocol.

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Sisteamatic offers our customers, reliability, flexibility, quality and the highest service standards.